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Upon entering the website www.condorbox.com or any other content found on the website, you accept the terms and conditions thereof, which regulate according to the following provisions:

1. Definitions.
i. AGENT: is the person or company responsible for identifying potential LOAD GENERATORS or CARRIERS interested in making use of the BENEFICIARY BUSINESS PLATFORM, and then refer them to the latter.
The agent may identify and reference natural or legal persons who fulfill the same function, in which case it will retain the rights and obligations and will recognize the agent in this contract as the particularities established therein. In this case the person referenced acquire quality AGENT.
ii. CARRIER: is the natural or legal person who owns a truck or has the administrative and legal capacity to provide and engage one or more freight vehicles to move the freight.
iii. Load Generator: is the natural or legal person interested in contracting transportation services to mobilize goods from one fixed point to another, and in turn is in legal capacity to dispose of it and arrange transportation of it.
iv. Referenced: is the natural or legal person who has been identified as CARRIER, LOAD GENERATOR, or AGENT.
v. BENEFICIARY: The natural or juridical person who profits by the use of load generators or TRANSPORTERS BUSINESS PLATFORM
Vi TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: This is the system where it is made, stored and modifies the registry CONVEYORS, LOAD GENERATORS and agents; which allows the exchange of data, messages and offers. Through this system, future transactions between load generators and transporters and users can be tracked and completed.
vii. USER: Any person capable of accessing the website, regardless of whether or not they choose to register with Condor Box.

2. Scope.

By accepting the terms and conditions of this contract, the website USER expresses its willingness to regulate its relationship with the company according to the provisions in the contract. The user also accepts the COLLABORATION AGREEMENT FOR THE GENERATION, BROKERAGE, AND FREIGHT contained in paragraph 13 of this AGREEMENT.

3. Intellectual Property.

Any content of this WEBSITE is protected as an intangible asset, and is Copyright and Industrial Property of Condor Box, therefore, any action by a user in violation of: i. Recognition of authorship, ii. Respect for the integrity of the work, iii. Modification of the work, iv. The Right of Reproduction, v. The Transportation law, vi. Distribution Law, and vii. The right of public communication will be considered to be a serious threat to the company, and may be subjected to legal action.

4. Licensed access to WEBSITE.

THE COMPANY grants you limited license to access the WEBSITE for personal use, but not for downloading content (except for downloading pages in cache) or the partial or complete modification thereof, unless you obtain the express written consent of THE COMPANY. Such license does not include any right of resale or commercial use of the Website or contents, or the right to collect and use any list of offers, descriptions, or prices. Nor does it include the right to make any other derivatives of the WEBSITE and its contents use.

Reproduction is not allowed, and you may not duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit the WEBSITE or any part of it for commercial purposes without the express prior written consent of THE COMPANY.

You may not use framing techniques to enclose any trademark, logo or other protected by copyright or industrial property information (including images, text, page layout, or form) of the Company without the appropriate prior written consent. The use of meta tags or any other “hidden text” utilizing names or trademarks of the Company without the prior written consent of the latter is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized use of these items will void the permission or license granted by the Company.

We grant a limited, revocable, and nonexclusive right to create a hyperlink that points to the home page of the Web Site, provided such link does not falsely portray the Company or the website or misrepresent them in a derogatory or otherwise offensive manner.

5. Access to www.condorbox.com

THE COMPANY will do everything in its power to ensure that access to the website will be uninterrupted and free from errors, however, due to the nature of the Internet, there is no guarantee that we will be able to provide uninterrupted access to the website at all times. Additionally, access to the WEBSITE may occasionally be suspended or temporarily restricted for repairs or maintenance tasks, or to implement new tools or services. However, we will try to minimize the frequency and duration of each of these suspensions and access restrictions.

6. User Identification, registration and passwords.

In order for us confirm the identity of the user who signs this contract, THE COMPANY will use the information provided on the registration form that each user must fill out to gain access to the WEBSITE. This information may also be accessed by others at the company for business purposes. Each user will be required to create a username and password. If the company is not satisfied with the documentation that you have provided on your registration form, you may terminate the contract free of charge.

Accounts created are not transferable- only the USER is authorized to access the account created with their information. Keep your password in a secure location and do not allow access to your account. Do not use our services on the behalf of third parties. If you suspect unauthorized activity on your account, you must notify us immediately. The USER is responsible for all activity on their account unless they report unauthorized access to the account in a timely manner.

Any misuse of the user account to the detriment of a third party or to the detriment of the COMPANY or the WEBSITE is cause for termination of account and may also result in COMPANY taking legal action against the USER as it deems appropriate.
The user may suspend or cancel registration to our services at any time without notice as long as they have no outstanding debts to the COMPANY.

7. Account Security.

The information contained in your account is protected by a password so that only you may access it. Do not give your password to others and always remember to log out when you leave the site. Please keep in mind that Condor Box will never ask for the password to your account via e-mails. The COMPANY assumes no responsibility for the misuse of data and passwords.

8. Penalties for misuse of the account

At any time, the COMPANY may exercise its right to suspend or terminate any user activity in the services provided by Condor Box if it has reason to believe that the user is breaking the law or violating the rights of a third party. Your account may also be terminated for failure to pay for services rendered, repeated violation of transport contracts, repeated refusal to confirm shipment after you have sent a shipment request via e-mail, intentional manipulation of services offered by Condor Box, or violation of the and conditions stipulated in this document. Any of these actions by the user may result in account suspension or termination and may lead to the COMPANY taking legal action against the USER as it sees fit.

Collusion (defined as cooperation between two or more users by limiting free competition and discouraging others to participate in the auctions) is strictly prohibited and will result in the termination of your Condor Box account.

9. Contracts brokerage-operation.

Operation of the website, as well as the way the contract is carried out, shall be established by the COMPANY. The shipment will only be sent after the COMPANY has confirmed the USER’s request for shipment. The USER understands that their shipment is only confirmed after the receipt of an e-mail from the COMPANY or the WEBSITE containing information about the next step in the shipping process.

10. Contractual responsibilities.

At no time does the COMPANY assume liability to continue the contract in the future, nor will it assume liability to fulfill of the obligations of each of the parties involved in a future transport contract.

THE COMPANY does not act as a representative of any of the parties involved in the transport contract.

11. Privacy Policy.

THE COMPANY values its users and is committed to safeguarding your privacy. In order to carry out that commitment, we have developed this “Privacy Statement”, which describes the policies and practices of the COMPANY through the WEBSITE in reference to the collection and disclosure of personal information on its website.

• Identification and password users: When you register as a user, the COMPANY requires you to choose a user ID and password. If you lose your password, you can lose control of your personal information and may be subject to legally valid transactions carried out through the account on your behalf. Therefore, if for any reason your password becomes compromised, you should change it immediately by modifying the registration information that you entered on website when you created your account, and contact us.
• Registration Information: To register as a user, you will be required to fill out a registration form containing your name, address and street number, country, telephone number, and e-mail address, as well as any other information specified. We use this information to assist in carrying out the transactions with the USER, such as resolving account issues when you contact customer service, making improvements in the services offered on our WEBSITE, and collecting statistics about our users.
• External Links: THE COMPANY is not responsible for the privacy or content of the websites provided in external links. If you visit these other websites, be sure to review the terms and conditions and the privacy policies on each site.
• Public access to information: If you disclose information in a public area of the website (e.g.- offer, notices, comments, etc.), this information will be available to other users. THE COMPANY cannot control what other users do with this information, so please remember to always exercise caution when deciding to disclose any type of personal information.
• Access, update and correct your information: You can access, update and correct your registration information at any time via the link indicated on the website.

12. Changes in the terms and conditions.

Only the COMPANY reserves the right to amend the provisions of this AGREEMENT. In order to provide greater confidence to the user, the changes will be announced and listed on the website.

13. Governing Law.

This contract and relationships arising from the use of the WEBSITE shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America.

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