Frequently Asked Questions

Condor Box offers you the ability to shop online with any United States retailer and have all of your purchases shipped to our facility, then forwarded to your home or office address in Colombia or Venezuela. When you complete your free registration on our website, you will be provided with a personalized address and shipping code. Any time you make a purchase online, you can simply enter your Condor Box address and shipping code in the “shipping address” section during checkout. This will enable us to identify your packages when they arrive at our facility and ensure that the right items are then shipped to your home or office address in Colombia or Venezuela.

Registration is easy! Simply fill out the form on the bottom right side of our website and you will receive an e-mail with the personalized shipping address and code. Here’s an example of how to enter the shipping address and code for future purchases with online United States retailers:

7223 NW 54th Street
Miami, FL 33166

Yes. Each time a package arrives at our facility for you, we will send you notification of its arrival via e-mail.

When you receive notification that your package has arrived at our facility, you will need to e-mail us with shipping instructions. With each purchase, you have option to tell us to ship your package to your home or office right away or, if you have made purchases from multiple retailers, you may wait until all of your packages have arrived at our facility and have them shipped to you at one time for your convenience.

You are not required to send us notification, but if you would like immediate confirmation that we have received the shipment, you may keep track of your purchases by sending us an e-mail.

Yes, you will be required to pay taxes on items that are sent to Colombia or Venezuela. If your package comes with an invoice or receipt, we will use it to add taxes to your total; if we do not receive an invoice or receipt, you will be required to send us a copy of your receipt via e-mail so that we can add the taxes for you.

When we receive notification via e-mail that you are ready to have your purchases shipped to your home, we will send your package to the home or office address in Colombia or Venezuela which you provided during the registration process on our website.

Yes. If you go to our website and enter your tracking number in the tracking section, you will be able to see the tracking information on your package.

If your home or office address changes, simply log in with your username and password at and click on “My Account”. Once you have accessed your account, you can simply navigate to the address section, enter your new address, and click save.

No, you can also register your office or business address. We can deliver nearly anywhere in Colombia or Venezuela.

You can e-mail us at and we will get back to you in 24 hours or less.

The minimum cost of all packages weighing 10 pounds or less will be $ 17 plus 5% of insurance per $ 100 (minimum $ 100) and taxes.

(Example: $ 17 USD + $ 5 = $ 22 + Tax; therefore, an 8 lb. package with the minimum insurance of $100 would cost $22 plus tax. If you would like to insure the same package for $300, the cost would be $17 for the package, plus $15 for insurance, thereby costing $32 plus tax.)

For any package that weighs more than 10 lbs., the shipping rate is $1.70 USD per pound. These packages must also have insurance which is 5% per $100 (minimum $100).

Example: 23 lbs. X $1.70 USD = $41.10 + $5 for insurance = $ 44.10 + tax; therefore, 23-pound package with the minimum insurance of $ 100 would cost $44.10 plus tax.

If you would like to insure the same package for $300, it would cost $41.10 (23 lbs. X $ 1.70 USD) + $15 for insurance, so your total would become $54.10 plus tax.

Taxes (12% tax or duty and 16% IVA) are paid according to the total value of the purchase invoice, and is a composite value (CIF value). It is important to note that any additional costs (taxes, delivery or other) that are reflected in the bill received will be taken into account upon presentation to the DIAN.

Every parcel or package must have $100.00 inclusive insurance to cover total loss. If you would like more insurance, you can increase the amount of coverage up to $ 2,000.00; the additional charge will be 5% of the insurance value.

There are some restrictions to consider when shipping with our company and it is important for you to check the list below before sending your parcel to our facility to avoid any problems in shipping your package.

The restrictions associated with Condor Box in response to the provisions of Article 19 of Law 19 of 1978 for import regulations are as follows:

• The package must not weigh more than 110 pounds
• The measurements of the boxes should not exceed, in total, 60 inches
• The contents of this consignment must be housewares, personal, samples and anything that does not have regulations and their value does not exceed $ 2,000.00
• If the content is samples should not be more than 6 units of the same reference.
• Opium, morphine, cocaine, narcotics, psychotropic substances controlled or not by the Ministry of Health are not allowed
• Medications, being subject to sanitary registration and / or approval prior to Invima.
• Food, plants, live or dead animals, homeopathic substances or mixtures.
• Weapons, ammunition, war accessories, uniforms of private use of the military, explosive, flammable, toxic, corrosive or dangerous material.
• Chemical precursors in the manufacture of narcotics, radioactive material.
• Obscene or immoral objects, war toys.
• Coins, Banknotes, paper currency or any other securities to bearer, platinum, gold or silver, manufactured or not. Pawnshops and jewelry.
• Every package that is shipped from the United States to your location in Colombia or Venezuela is subject to review and content examination by a customs agent.


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